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New York | Most Expensive Diamond Ever Sold at Sotheby’s

New York, a city renowned for its towering skyscrapers and opulent lifestyle, has once again etched its name in the annals of luxury with the sale of the most expensive diamond ever at the prestigious auction house, Sotheby’s. This extraordinary event has captivated the attention of collectors, investors, and enthusiasts worldwide, drawing them into the glittering world of high-value gemstones.


The Crown Jewel: The Most Expensive Diamond Ever Sold

The crown jewel in question is none other than the Pink Star, a mesmerizing pink diamond that set a new benchmark in the world of luxury auctions. Weighing in at an astonishing 59.60 carats, the Pink Star made history at Sotheby’s Geneva auction in 2017, fetching an eye-watering price of over $71 million. This breathtaking gemstone, which was originally mined in Africa, is a Type IIa diamond, renowned for its exceptional clarity and pure composition.

Pink Star Diamond at Sotheby’s Geneva auction

The Pink Star’s Dazzling Pedigree

Carat Weight and Rarity:

The Pink Star boasts an extraordinary weight of 59.60 carats, making it a behemoth among gemstones. However, its allure extends beyond sheer size. This pink diamond belongs to the exclusive category of Type IIa diamonds, known for their exceptional clarity and remarkable purity. Its rarity elevates it to a level of prestige coveted by collectors and connoisseurs alike.


Origins and Mining:

Mined in Africa, the Pink Star emerged from the earth with an inherent radiance that captivated the attention of gem enthusiasts. Its origins and the journey from the depths of the earth to the grand stage of Sotheby’s add to its mystique, creating a narrative that enhances its intrinsic value.


The Pinnacle of Luxury Auctions: Sotheby’s

A Legacy of Excellence:

The Pink Star found its place in history at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in 2017. Sotheby’s, a venerable institution with a legacy dating back to 1744, has curated auctions that span centuries, showcasing the finest art, jewelry, and collectibles. The auction house’s commitment to excellence and a meticulous curation process contributed to the Pink Star’s remarkable journey to the pinnacle of luxury auctions.


Provenance and Trust:

Sotheby’s commitment to provenance and transparency is a cornerstone of its reputation. Buyers at Sotheby’s can trust that each gemstone has undergone rigorous authentication, ensuring its authenticity and quality. The Pink Star, with its impeccable provenance, now stands as a symbol of trust and reliability associated with the Sotheby’s name.


Beyond the Record-Breaking Sale: The Legacy of the Pink Star

Global Acclaim:

The Pink Star’s record-breaking sale not only secured its place in history but also bestowed upon it a level of global acclaim reserved for the most extraordinary of gemstones. Its name is now eternally linked with the prestigious auction house and the city where dreams are realized—New York.


Investment Value:

For those who view diamonds as investments, the Pink Star exemplifies the enduring value that high-quality gemstones can command. Its record-breaking sale has elevated its status, turning it into not just a jewel but a tangible asset with the potential for lasting appreciation.


Sotheby’s: A Pillar of Trust in the World of Auctions

The question that often arises when dealing with such high-value transactions is the reliability of the auction house. Sotheby’s, with its rich heritage dating back to 1744, has established itself as a global leader in the auction world. With a reputation built on centuries of experience, Sotheby’s is synonymous with trust, transparency, and excellence. The auction house employs a rigorous process of authentication, provenance verification, and expert evaluation to ensure the authenticity and quality of each item that graces its auction block.


A Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

Rich Heritage:

Sotheby’s rich heritage is woven into the fabric of the art world. Founded in London over 275 years ago, the auction house has played a pivotal role in shaping the market for rare and valuable items. The weight of tradition and the echoes of centuries past add an aura of gravitas to every transaction facilitated under the Sotheby’s banner.


Global Presence:

Beyond its storied past, Sotheby’s has embraced the dynamism of the modern era. With a global presence spanning key cities worldwide, including New York, London, Hong Kong, and Paris, Sotheby’s has evolved into a truly international powerhouse. Its auctions serve as crossroads where treasures from diverse cultures and eras converge, attracting a discerning global clientele.


Unveiling the Benefits: Buying Diamonds at Sotheby’s

Buying Diamonds at Sotheby’s

  1. Unparalleled Quality and Rarity:
  • Sotheby’s specializes in curating auctions that showcase some of the world’s most exquisite and rare diamonds. The Pink Star is a testament to the unparalleled quality and rarity of gemstones available through Sotheby’s auctions.
  1. Expertise of Gemologists:
  • One of the significant advantages of buying diamonds at Sotheby’s is the expertise of its in-house gemologists. These seasoned professionals meticulously examine and grade each diamond, providing buyers with detailed information about the gem’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.
  1. Provenance and Transparency:
  • Sotheby’s places a strong emphasis on provenance and transparency. Buyers at Sotheby’s can trace the history of each diamond, ensuring that they are acquiring a gemstone with a distinguished heritage and an authentic story.
  1. Global Recognition:
  • Diamonds sold at Sotheby’s gain global recognition, contributing to their prestige and long-term value. The Pink Star, now eternally linked with Sotheby’s, stands as a testament to the international acclaim that accompanies diamonds sold through this esteemed auction house.
  1. Tailored Services for Buyers:
  • Sotheby’s offers personalized services for buyers, including expert advice, private viewings, and assistance throughout the purchasing process. This commitment to client satisfaction enhances the overall buying experience and reinforces Sotheby’s position as a trusted partner in high-value transactions.
  1. Investment Potential:
  • For those viewing diamonds as an investment, buying at Sotheby’s provides an opportunity to acquire gems with exceptional investment potential. The Pink Star’s record-breaking sale is a testament to the enduring value that high-quality diamonds can command over time.



The sale of the most expensive diamond ever at Sotheby’s in New York is a dazzling testament to the city’s status as a hub of luxury and refinement. Sotheby’s, with its unwavering commitment to excellence and a legacy of centuries, continues to play a pivotal role in bringing the world’s most extraordinary diamonds to discerning collectors and enthusiasts. As the Pink Star and other illustrious gemstones grace the auction block, Sotheby’s remains a beacon of trust and opulence in the world of high-stakes auctions.…