Ang Lee and Human Rights: Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, and Sense and Sensibility

Ang Lee is a successful and acclaimed filmmaker known for his ability to move between genres, styles, and cultures. He has won two Academy Awards and is respected for his willingness to tackle controversial subjects matter. One theme that Lee has returned to throughout his career is the idea of human rights. In many of his films, he has explored what it means to be a human being living in a society that often fails to protect or even respect basic human rights.

How William Shakespeare Helped to Shape the Renaissance

This essay looks at how William Shakespeare helped to shape the Renaissance by looking at his life, work and influence. It discusses how his plays and poems offered a new, more secular and humanistic outlook on life that was different from the traditional focus on religion and the afterlife. It also explores how Shakespeare’s use of the dramatic monologue helped to make his plays some of the most psychologically complex and nuanced works of art of this period.